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Jaisalmer - Sonar Kella

“Sonar kella” ! ring any bell ? yes, you guessed it right. The signature thriller movie of Satyajit Ray which was based on a mystery in Rajasthan. Any movie lover from the 70’s will immediately reminisce about the good old days upon hearing this name. But wait, you don’t need to be from the 70’s or a movie lover to visit our restaurant “Jaisalmer – sonar kella”. Based in Salt Lake, sector 5, our restaurant would take you back to the golden age of our culture with plates filled with love and delicious food. You know, everything is better with food! Ranging from starters to main course to desserts, we have it all sorted out, just for you! All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. Salads don’t need to be boring with our spicy mango and smoked chicken salad and you can always dive into the richness of Italian cuisine with spaghetti carbonara. Want something desi? Don’t worry, butter murgh, mutton rogan josh, Awadhi pulao and kulcha are at your rescue. And if you are a “mache bhate bangali” who just can not live without their fish, we would be delighted to serve you with tandoori pomfret, gandharaj fish tikka, whole bhetki masala, yellow dal and your quintessential sada bhat. Sit back with your family and discuss about the suspense of “Feluda” and how he solves the case of Mukul and the golden fortress as we tickle your tastebuds with achari paneer masala, dum aloo Punjabi and roti and finish up with raita. Now you are hungry! Aren’t you? Just remember, we are always open to take in more guests!

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